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fuck yeah liz lemon
As for her career, while Liz was once a people-pleasing, prickly, masochistic workaholic, she’s gotten awfully laissez-faire. This is not a bad thing. She’s in her forties now and she’s stopped obsessing about whether she’ll have a baby or whether her job is ideal. She took a fun hobby that Jack would never approve of, shaking her butt as a middle-aged cheerleader for the Liberty. She used Jack’s negotiating tricks against him, getting him so exasperated that he negotiated against himself on her behalf. She’s now paid well (while Liz used to be bad with money, she’s now outright rich) and she’s more chill and she’s getting laid with a handsome, nice guy. I’m not seeing what’s so pathetic. In fact, the show seems to recognize how good her life has become, because they brought in the excellent Kristen Schaal as a female intern who is so impressed by Liz she wishes she could wear her lips as a mask. In “30 Rock” terms, that’s a huge compliment.
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